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Over 40 Years of Proven Track Record

Many investment advisors claim to have a great track record – or to have made spectacular stock market calls in recent years. But the truth is, most of these claims are embellishments, gross exaggerations – or outright fantasy!

InvesTech Research has an outstanding track record of identifying
both bull markets and bear markets… and we can prove it!

Click the titles below to read actual issues of InvesTech Research when James Stack called…

March 13, 2009 – "A Tale of Two Bear Markets"
This issue was published just 4 days after the bear market bottom and focused on the important topic: "Why we believe the stock market is approaching a buying opportunity of a lifetime."

July 27, 2007 – "Bear Market Warning Flags!"
Subscribers were alerted: "We are moving to a full bear market defensive mode."

March 17, 2006 – "A 271-Trillion Pound Gorilla"
With the nominal value of global derivatives over $271 Trillion, InvesTech answered the critical question: "How do we protect our portfolios from this Gorilla if it gets unleashed?"

December 10, 1999 – "Insanity Rules!"
Just 3 months before the Internet Bubble popped [in March 2000], InvesTech warned subscribers "Crash or not, the upcoming bear market will likely be viewed as one of the most devastating in history."

January 4, 1991 – "Toro... Toro..."
Just 13 days after this issue was mailed to readers, the stock market blasted off on an advance that would launch the largest bull market in Wall Street history.

October 16, 1987 – "The Eye of the Storm?"
Published the week before "Black Monday," as Wall Street pundits insisted that the market's recent 200 point drop was nothing more than a "correction."

These are actual issues formatted from InvesTech’s original master files.


Respected by Financial Media for Over 30 Years

Unfortunately, Wall Street is full of charlatans and shills who change their outlook depending on which way the wind is blowing. But for savvy investors, a simple Internet search of media articles can expose their mistakes, missteps and outright blunders.

James Stack has done countless interviews with financial media over the past 40 years and he continues to earn their respect and admiration…

Best Places to Get Investment Advice
“Our favorite source for forecasting the direction of the market is InvesTech Research. Publisher Jim Stack analyzes economic and market data to recommend stock allocations in his monthly newsletter.”
Kiplinger – January 2017

Best Sources for Investment Advice
"Best Stock Market Letter: InvesTech Research, which promises 'safety-first profits,' has bested the overall stock market over the long haul with less risk. Publisher James Stack analyzes economic, monetary and market data (some going back more than 100 years) to make market calls and recommend allocations.”
Kiplinger – December 2015

Advisers Who Deliver Low-Anxiety Returns
"For the past dozen years, the Hulbert Financial Digest has constructed an annual honor roll of those services that performed better than the average adviser in both the up and down phases of the three previous market cycles. Currently, only 12 have done so..." including InvesTech Research.
The Wall Street Journal – May 16, 2014

Jim Stack: Still right - and still bullish
"Having called the beginning of this bull market in 2009 when virtually nobody else did, Stack has stuck to his guns ever since." – February 8, 2013

Best Market Newsletter: InvesTech

“Market letter publisher James Stack isn't one to be blinded by periodic market manias, and he hews to a ‘safety-first’ philosophy. His base in Montana, far from Wall Street, helps, too.
Kiplinger – December 2011

Why Three Bears Turned Bullish
Veteran analysts tell why they think stocks are heading up.
"Jim Stack was one of the most vocal bears of 2008... In March 2009 [he believed] that the market was approaching the buying opportunity of a lifetime."
Kiplinger's Personal Finance – June 2009

"Now investors are wondering if the housing market's problems will spill over into the economy. 'Housing is the one wild card that could, if it takes consumer confidence down with it, take the economy into a recession,' says James Stack of InvesTech Research... Could the housing troubles yank the broad stock market into a morass just as the tech-stock implosion did in 2000?... 'The parallel is amazing,' Stack says."
USA Today – July 31, 2007

"Jim Stack of InvesTech Research was the only panelist to correctly predict both a recession and a bear market in 2001."
Paul Kangas, Nightly Business Report – January 1, 2002

Only Five Newsletters Predicted Plunge...
"Hulbert's Financial Digest is also bullish on InvesTech Market Analyst, a northwestern Montana newsletter published by James Stack. After the Dow peaked in August, he advised investors to put 60 percent of their holdings in cash; by October 5, it was 88 percent. The last stock in his model portfolio was sold Oct. 16, three days before the crash."
Washington Post – October 22, 1987

Of course, no investment advisor in the world can tell you with 100% certainty what lies ahead. But with InvesTech’s time-proven “safety-first” strategy and objective proprietary indicators, you’ll have the tools you need to protect your hard-earned assets in bear markets and maximize profits in bull markets. Don’t miss a single critical issue of InvesTech Research


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