InvesTech Research Career Opportunities

Our team is comprised of dedicated professionals who thrive in a high-energy, team-oriented work environment and culture of excellence. We are proud of InvesTech’s unsurpassed monetary and technical research, and analytical ability to identify some of the highest risk periods in Wall Street’s history including the 2005 Housing Bubble, the 2000 Tech Bubble and the 1987 Crash. We provide insightful economic and stock market analysis to a subscriber base that encompasses both the novice and seasoned investor, as well as respected media. And we are committed to guide our readers as they strive to achieve their long-term investment and retirement goals.

Located far from Wall Street in beautiful northwest Montana, InvesTech has earned a 40-year reputation and recognition as one of America’s premier financial research firms with subscribers in all 50 states and 43 countries abroad. We focus our energy on providing financial research and analysis that can’t be found anywhere else.

One of InvesTech’s greatest strengths has been hiring “the best of the best” by attracting, motivating, challenging, and rewarding talented professionals who do superior work – both in analytical research as well as subscriber services. We are very proud of the culture we have built within our company, and are always searching for additional seasoned, top-notch talent with a passion for excellence to join our team.

InvesTech Research offers competitive compensation, a generous benefit package and retirement plan, along with the opportunity to work with talented people in a vibrant community with year-round outdoor recreation. If you have exceptional skills and experience in the financial industry and feel you meet our high standard of excellence, then please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Benefits & Perks

We believe our firm and community are a truly exceptional place to work and live. Here are some of the benefits and perks of working at InvesTech Research:


Our employees are our greatest resource and we believe that it is important to reinforce that with competitive compensation. We align compensation to encourage personal and professional growth for the betterment of our employees and our subscribers.


Making sure that our employees have an opportunity to stay healthy is a top priority at InvesTech Research. We believe that healthy employees are more present, productive, and happier. Along with an in-house exercise facility, our employees receive healthcare benefits from Blue Cross Blue Shield.


Living and working in Whitefish, Montana is a dream location for those seeking an active lifestyle. Outdoor recreation opportunities include skiing, boating, kayaking, hiking, climbing, fishing, hunting, biking, camping, and exploring. We feel very privileged to be able to live and work in such a tight-knit community that offers our employees and their families a special quality of life.

Our Office

In 2018, InvesTech Research moved into its new office building in Whitefish, Montana. This facility offers state-of-the-art technology and a footprint to expand our services and grow with our subscribers. From this legacy home InvesTech Research will remain a privately owned, independent market research firm and proudly serve our subscribers for decades to come.


While we help our subscribers to prepare for and protect their retirement, we give our employees the tools necessary to receive the same comfort some day. InvesTech Research offers our employees a generous retirement plan that is largely unmatched in the industry.


At InvesTech Research we believe in working hard and playing hard. It’s important to us that our employees take time away from their jobs for self-reflection. We offer annual paid time off to our employees so that they can enjoy their families, travel, and pursue their hobbies.

Why Whitefish?

Working and living in Whitefish is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who loves nature and the outdoors. Our office is located near Big Mountain and Whitefish Mountain Resort, and is just 40 minutes from Glacier National Park. Take a look at what Whitefish living has to offer:

View of Whitefish Lake from Big Mountain

Traveling to Whitefish, Montana?

Our doors are open to subscribers visiting the Whitefish area. If you would like to visit our office, please call us at (406) 862-7777 (Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Mountain Time) to schedule.