Daily Data

About Daily Data

The following data will be updated each business day as it becomes available from our sources.  Some entries are preliminary and may not be finalized until the following morning.

Primary Market Indexes

Secondary Market Indexes

Breadth Indicators

Leadership Indicators

The InvesTech Negative Leadership Composite (NLC): Measures internal leadership for evidence of a new bull market – or the danger of an imminent bear market. To read more about the InvesTech NLC and review its updated graph, visit our InvesTech Indicators.

Volume Indicators


InvesTech’s Proprietary Indicators

These Indicators have been developed by InvesTech Research to measure developing risk in various parts of the stock market. Learn how to interpret these indicators PLUS monitor them daily in graph format on the InvesTech Indicators page. 

Short Term Indicators

These short-term indicators are used to forecast the near-term outlook for the market, which can be useful in improving entry/exit decisions in individual stocks or mutual funds. When at Oversold levels, a rally or upward reversal is very likely within the next few weeks. An Overbought reading indicates the market has climbed too far too fast and is likely to experience a consolidation or correction. To read the full explanation and follow the graph (updated daily) of the InvesTech Research Pressure Factor visit our InvesTech Indicators.

Pressure Factor:

  • Moderate Thresholds: Oversold = -30 / Overbought = +30
  • Extreme Thresholds: Oversold = -60 / Overbought = +60

Put/Call Ratio:

  • Oversold = 0.85 or above / Overbought = 0.50 or below

Historical Data:

InvesTech Research is unable to provide historical data listings other than what is provided on this page.